Our baby step journey begins….

Hello friends! It feels so good to sit down at the key board with this blank screen in front of me as I type this blog entry.  It has been too long and I am eager to get back to my blog and start a new journey that I can share with you all.  Over the past several months, I discovered Dave Ramsey and am a regular follower now to his plan, books and YouTube channel.  I find myself listening to the Debt Free screams for encouragement and motivation to start our journey.  If you are one of Dave’s followers, you know that he refers to people as “nerds” or “free spirit”.  It sounds so odd but in our relationship, if I had to say one of us was a nerd, it would be my husband although he does not work on our budget or take part in any of the bill paying process which I hope in this journey, that will change.  I am definitely the free spirit but I feel so strongly that there is a nerd inside of me trying so hard to get out.  I want to be debt free so bad.  The life of being slave to the lender is a stressful one to say the least.  I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck.  If you are interested in sharing your opinion in the comments, I would love to hear if any of you are debt free and how YOU went about achieving that.  When I was young, I remember my mom telling me that we could not do this or buy this because she did not get paid until next week.  It was normal.  My whole life it was like that.  Then I lived the same all of my life until now.  Now that I am older and tired of trying to outwork debt, I wanted to find a way to be debt free AND teach my children that it is absolutely NOT normal to be broke and live paycheck to paycheck.   I would love to hear some tidbits of your life story.  If you and your family lived paycheck to paycheck when you were a child, do you follow the same lifestyle now as an adult? Or if you had a very financially responsible family when you were a child, did you follow your parents path and live responsible as well?  Do you think that income is a major key factor in living debt free?  Since I started following Dave and just thinking about my own life, I am leaning toward the belief that it is a learned behavior.  What about you? Do you agree or disagree?  I would love to hear from you.  I’m very interested in changing my family’s path and I am truly interested in the general consensus about this.

A little about me:  I have worked at the same company for 19 years.  I am married and have 3 children living at home, 2 grown and on their own.  I see my 2 oldest children, living paycheck to paycheck and pretty much following the life we led as they were growing up.  As a parent, it makes me feel horrible.  I feel like I am responsible for not leading them properly about money.  The difference is that I am not going to lay down and cry and feel sorry for myself.  I am so driven to change our lives.  I want them all to see that none of us have to settle for this life style.  I am working on some personal growth goals for myself and I will change our family tree.  If you have not heard of Dave Ramsey and you are looking for guidance on getting out of debt, I encourage you to look him up.  He wrote the book, “Total Money Makeover” and it is absolutely inspiring.  One main reason I am drawn to Dave is because he actually went broke.  He lived it and got out of debt by following these steps and he is such a strong inspiration for me.  My husband and I are currently on Baby Step one which is to save $1,000.  This will be our emergency fund. Then we will go onto baby step 2 which is to gather all of your bills smallest to largest, except for your home, and start attacking the smallest one.  Pay it off and move onto the next.  It is called the Debt Snowball.

Thank you all for reading my blog post and I look forward to reading any comments!  I would love to keep this a positive, learning opportunity for anyone who might be in the same place in their lives so we can all work together on building a better, less stressed life.  I am ready to live like no one else so later we can live like no one else!

Thank you for being here and I can’t wait to talk to you again!







My Birthday Eve Blog

Hello friends! It has been an incredibly awesome year and I cannot wait to start my 43rd year in this world! So many wonderful opportunities have crossed my path in 2015 and the first 6 months of 2016 as well and I wanted to take a minute to share!

Remember my last few posts I talked about Plexus and how much I really love the products? I am still loving the products and sharing them with everyone I can. Joining Plexus was a life changer for me. I became surrounded by the most supportive group of people that lifted me up. They helped me discover the me inside that had been buried away for so long. I found myself wanting to invest in myself and grow spiritually, financially, emotionally, etc. I am focused on my health, exploring ways to become more crunchy and green, researching foods that I am putting in my childrens’ bodies, expressing myself through art on different mediums, focusing on finances by learning about Dave Ramsey and his babysteps to help us gain financial freedom, etc. So just from what I have mentioned you can tell that I have changed so much over the last 2 years, especially in the last year. I am also the happiest that I have ever been. I have found my self esteem and confidence growing immensely! I LOVE waking up each day to a new adventure!

I wanted to show you a few of the pieces of furniture that I have refinished to show you that this is my way to relax and unwind. It is my woo saa. My release of pent up frustrations from everyday stresses such as work and finances. I have found that  everyone needs a way to let go. Find your way and let go!!!

Also I wanted to introduce you all to an awesome new product that was just announced at convention in Las Vegas this week! It sounds AMAZING and today is the first day you can get online to buy it!  It is called EDGE❤️

The benefits are:

Healthy, sustained energy

Sharper thinking

Enhances concentration



Clinically tested ingredients

Patent pending formula

100% Vegetarian & Gluten Free

One capsule a day, my friends!! And as always, all products ordered through my website have a 60 day money back guarantee!! You have nothing to lose!! If you have any questions PLEASE let me know! My website is http://www.shopmyplexus.com/heatherjohnson73

And last but not least I am sharing a few fun facts about me! It will be fun to look back on this next year to see where I’m at then compared to now!

Favorite TV series: LOST (just discovered on Netflix)

Favorite books: Dave Ramsey books (Financial peace revisited, Smart Money smart kids, Money makeover, etc) Power of broke, Millionaire next door, etc.

Favorite color: pale dusty pink

Hobbies: Decoupage, personal growth, painting, family time, etc.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Tomorrow I am waking up 43 years old!! And it is ok! No age denial here😀 I am grateful for life, love and happiness and thankful that God has blessed me me so much more than I deserve ❤️😀





Forgive me, Friends!

Hello ya’ll! I am so sorry that I have not posted in so long.  That is definitely going to change.  I am excited and determined to get back to posting and sharing again.  So what was your New Year’s Resolution? I really didn’t call mine “resolutions”, more like life goals.  2016 is all about life goals for me! One major life goal for me is time management.  I absolutely have struggled with this for my whole life.  I have been the most unorganized person that you have ever met.  I always justified it by saying that I am just too busy to focus on time management.  How crazy is that?  So now, moving forward it is a huge priority in my life.  Let me tell you a little about why this is so important to me now.

My last couple of posts were about Plexus so I definitely wanted to bring you all up to date on my journey.  I LOVE PLEXUS and I will never be without it again in my life.  These products have changed my life more than I would have every even began to think they would.  I started taking the Plexus Slim and the Accelerator in very early November 2015.  I immediately started noticing that I had ENERGY!!!  I SLEPT GOOD at night!  These 2 benefits for me sealed the deal.  Let me tell you a short story that makes me feel like a horrible mom and wife.  I have worked a job (not a career) but the same job for the past 18 years of my life. My children are 22, 18, 11, 8 and 4 years old.  I completely missed A LOT of the lives of my 2 oldest children and that breaks my heart.  Everyday I have been getting up and coming to work for the past 18 years at a desk job at a manufacturing facility.  BUT, I am thankful because that job provided me and my family with a steady income for many years but now as I am growing older, it is more about the time spent with my family then the money that I’m making.  I know that we do still need both my income and my husband’s income to support our household but I now I have seen a glimmer of HOPE.  The light at the end of the tunnel.  The pink light.  And that, my friends is because of Plexus Worldwide.  I truly believe that God places people and events, things, etc in our lives for a purpose and now that Plexus has been put in my life, I am able to see that my life doesn’t have to be waking up to go to a job that I am burned out on, working all day, coming home grumpy and exhausted and bringing home a case of bad attitude with me each night.  I have found so much success with the products that I have taken that I am alive again!!!  Seriously imagine the scene from the Sound of Music! That is me!  I feel so much better! So alive and so energetic even after a 8 to 10 hour work day! And then I choose when I want to go to bed rather than falling asleep sitting up on the couch trying to watch TV. The best part of that is that I actually sleep so good through the night that I wake up REFRESHED and feeling well rested.  That is what my Plexus Slim and Accelerator has done for me!  Next I want to tell you about the IBS/CONSTIPATION that literally made my stomach feel like I was 9 months pregnant everyday of my life.  I was so bloated that it hurt.  My Plexus upline told me about the Tri-plex combo which consists of the Plexus Slim, Probio5 and the Biocleanse products.  I literally fell in love with these.  The first week I was regular and feeling excellent. SPOILER ALERT…..I was regular and actually feeling skinny because I wasn’t carrying around that poop baggage with me all of the time.  I felt great!  BUT I started feeling TOO GOOD about myself and thought that I could skip the next month of Tri-plex but let me tell you, it did not work out good for me.  And that is my fault because we all know: CONSISTENCY CONSISTENCY CONSISTENCY with anything we take!  This needs to be a part of my daily regimen and I just have to accept it as part of my preventative maintenance program!  Plexus has just made me feel alive again and honestly it has made me want to be a better person all the way around.  Does that sound crazy to you?  For health and wellness products to give you that overall sense of wanting to be a better person??  I know and I can’t lie….It sounds crazy but folks, I am telling you, it is not just me.  PLEASE message me or friend request me on FACEBOOK!  (HEATHER  JOHNSON) Follow my stories, let me show you testimony after testimony of amazing life changing stories!  And these products are not all about the weight.  Weight loss is a side effect that is pretty awesome but these products get you healthy from the inside out!!  I am posting my business card as well because I want so badly for anyone who is just not feeling themselves, had health issues (Fibromyalgia, MS, Diabetes, INFERTILITY, etc) to please research Plexus and what these products may do for you!!!  If you are looking for a business opportunity then this is the business that you need to research.  The compensation plan is INSANE!!!!  Do me a favor if you are questioning the business part of Plexus.  Go to YOUTUBE and type in Plexus Diamond Documentaries.  You will see a list of them.  Take 8 to 10 minutes out of your day to watch one of these amazing life stories of the top earners in the company that reached that level in 1-3 year time span!!!   It is so awesome to be a part of this group of amazing people in this business.  It is called ONE PLEXUS because anyone on any team will help you if you need help.  If you have a question that you just don’t know the answer, just reach out and someone in the world will answer you!  I have met so many amazing caring people in my short time at Plexus and it has been life changing.  In June there is a convention in LAS VEGAS open to any active ambassador.  That means if you pay your $34.95 annual membership fee, you become an ambassador and you get your products at wholesale, you earn money on any sales over $100, you have the opportunity to earn money 11 different ways, you have an unlimited resource bank of training and help for you and you get to travel to awesome conventions and retreats all over the world!!!   You can even earn a LEXUS!!!  Please reach out to me if you have any questions about the products or the business opportunity!!  $34.95 for annual membership!  That is like a wholesale club like Sam’s Club or Costco!  You could get your products at wholesale even if you don’t want to share the experience and make money off of it!   business cardwhat is PS

My Plexus journey continues…..

what is PS

Hello friends! I wanted to check in with you all and let you know how my Plexus journey is going and one thing that I can most definitely say is that I am a Plexus junkie.  I have tried so many diet fads/plans/schemes/projects/etc over the past 24 years and I have found “the ONE”!  Is it a magic pill?  Am I starving to death?  Have I lost a huge amount of weight in a short period of time? Can I eat whatever I want and still drop off massive pounds? Answer to all of these questions is NO.  And I am 100% good with that answer.  This is most definitely not a magic pill.  It is an amazing little packet of goodness that I honestly wake up each morning eager to drink.  The taste is refreshing and delicious and I can pour it in the water bottle and drink it, swallow the companion capsule, Accelerator or Boost and begin my day feeling incredible.  This combination has changed my life so much in the short amount of time that I have been taking it and honestly I am hooked.  I love feeling the natural energy that flows through my body and keeps me going from 5 in the morning until I decide to go to bed at night.  I am no longer falling asleep sitting up on the couch and I feel amazing.  I have been able to complete so many items on my to-do-list that just didn’t get done before Plexus.  I am not starving to death.  It does curb my appetite and I do have to remember to eat sometimes because it just makes me not even think about food BUT food is a necessity for healthy weight loss.   Because of that and the fact that I am always on the go until I get to work and after work I ordered the 96 shakes.  These are meal replacement shakes and I LOVE them.  They work perfectly to make sure that I am eating and not gorging on 2 big meals a day.  Personally, I drink 2 a day.  I love them.  In fact, they are so good, my dogs, Obie and Matilda love them!  When I received the envelope in the mail, I left it laying on a big ottoman and my sneaky furbabies decided to tag team to get into them as you can see in the BUSTED shots I caught them in the act before any damage could be done. lol

96 chocmatilda 96obie 96I

I have not lost a huge amount of weight but I have lost 6 lbs and several inches to date but I am completely ok with that because I am doing it the healthy way.  I am confident that I will be able to lose and keep it off this way.  One issue that I have discovered is that I have horrible gut health.  I mean, don’t get me wrong because I always knew that I had horrible gut health but I didn’t realize there was actually a term with the symptoms that I live with daily and have all of my life.  I now understand though that I must get my gut health corrected before I will lose any significant weight because I have who knows how many years of sludge caked in my gut.  Plexus offers 2 products that many call the dynamic duo because they work wonder powers together.  The first is the Bio-cleanse.

Features & Benefits -Oxygenates the entire body* Helps cleanse the gastro-intestinal tract* Helps energize the body* Supports collagen production* Relieves occasional constipation

The other is called the Probio 5.

Features & Benefits Proper probiotic balance in the intestinal tract* Provides 5 strains of probiotic bacteria for supporting the immune system* Contains enzymes to aid in the breakdown of proteins and fibrous foods during digestion, contributing to a balanced intestinal system* May help inactivate free radicals or free radical-initiated chemical reactions in the body* Proper intestinal balance which increases nutrient absorption*

If any of my awesome readers have experienced bad gut health then you know where I am coming from.  I am just ordering this combo for myself and I cannot wait to get that order in.  This is what I am going to be looking like lol:

waiting on ps
I have lived with it so long that for there actually be something out there that can help me with this, it would be like winning the lottery to me and I am so excited to start these products.  I will be updating my progress along the way with these products as well.

Can I eat whatever I want? I think we all know that making better food choices and porti0n control choices are just an obvious must do for ANY lifestyle change you are trying to make.  It is important to drink alot of water with these products and any products for that matter.  I was told half my body weight in oz. so that is what I am going with.

Would I suggest for you to take? MOST DEFINITELY WITHOUT A DOUBT!!  I feel like a new person.  I wake up everyday so well rested and ready to get my day started.  I have so much natural energy that I feel amazing and do not have to keep buying energy drinks, 5 hour shots, etc.

I also wanted to share the business opportunity.  To become an ambassador for Plexus worldwide, all that it costs you is $34.95.  Yep, I said $34.95 to start your own busines. Can you go anywhere else and start up a business that you work into your schedule for $34.95 with a website and wholesale prices for an entire year?  Most people cannot even buy business cards for that amount much less start your entire business with it.  BUT if you say you don’t want anything to do with running your own business, you still get WHOLESALE prices!!!  So if you are dedicated to taking the Plexus products for your own well being then you can simply buy your own products and keep it moving.  You do have to have $100 in sales go through your website but if you don’t want to do the business part of it, you can just buy your own products and it still counts toward that $100 monthly minimum!! How awesome is that.  So basically, the first time you ordered you pretty much paid yourself back for the $34.95 in the savings that you had on your own products!!!  This is an incredible opportunity for anyone who wants to have any supplemental income, stay at home parent, or even looking to go all the way to the top and replace your current income! There are MANY top ambassadors making a huge compensation that have worked their businesses for under 2 years!!! That is amazing to me.  After I started feeling so awesome on the products, I did decide to start pursuing the business part of Plexus and let me tell you, I am in love.  I feel that God has put this business in my path to help our family get healthy and also to fulfill that dream of mine to help people and to build amazing relationships with people all over the world.  If any of you are interested in finding out more about Plexus and all of the opportunites that it offers, please comment and I will be in touch with you asap! You can sign up on my team no matter where you live in the world! There is Plexus family all over and we are all one big family.  I have “sisters” that I have never met in California and Texas and just all over! It is an amazing family to be a part of and that is why we are called Plexus One.  One team. One goal. I would love to have you sign up to be a business partner with me so PLEASE let me know if this is something that you are interested in!  You can purchase products or sign up on my team at the following website!  And remember 60 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED SO YOU HAVE NOTHING AT ALL TO LOSE:)


God bless you all!

Heather XOXO



7/30/2015 A lady who misses her blog:)

Hello everyone! Our computer at home has died a horrible death and we are trying to budget a new one into the household budget but with my sons’ birthdays and back to school. Mom is taking a backseat which is ok as long as the kids are taken care of first:) A few things that I have been working on since I wrote my last post:
1. Bookshelf that I bought for less than $5, sanded, primed, painted and polyurethaned and added a chalk board top per my client’s request.
2. Issue that I am struggling with as far as pricing furniture after I finish it. I really try to seek out bargain deals on furniture and I have been blessed in finding many people’s trash that I have turned to treasure. BUT I feel that I am pricing way to low. But the crowd that I am targeting and advertising in my town are very much want to buy the best of things for little money. For example, while I paid less than $5 for the bookshelf, I put all of the materials and my time spent with labor and I sold it for $20.00 How do you guys feel about that price? What are your secrets and advice when it comes to pricing? Please let me know! I’m thirsty for answers:)
3. Octagon end table that is huge! If there was another matching end table to this set, it would take up a very large part of someone’s room. I honestly would probably use it as a coffee table personally. But I am working on it now and I am in love with it.  Now that brings me to another issue I am having.  Or should I say my husband is having.  When I buy these ugly ducklings, I feel nothing for them.  But after they are done, I don’t want to sell them.  I want to keep them forever.  lol  Does anyone else experience this feeling of attachment?

4.  $15 garage sale dresser.  I found a dresser at a sale down the street from my house.  Got it home and started to clean it.  Then I opened the drawers and WHOA!!!!  Horrible musty smell.  I totally thought I was going to have to set it outside  my house with a FREE sign on it.  But then I read an awesome hint on a Facebook page, about trying Borax.  I had serious doubts about this but then I recleaned it about 4 times.  And it worked! I am a complete fan of the product BORAX!  I used super hot water and added the BORAX and it worked wonderfully.  It is now a must have on the grocery list!  This dresser we purchased specifically for my son so my husband is alright with me keeping this one.  Thank goodness.  I could never have parted with it:) lol

I can’t wait to be able to upload some pictures for you to see.  I am still very new to giving new life to old pieces but I am in love with the process, the paint, the furniture, everything.  I wish I could give up the money making job so that I could do this full time but the bills determine that is not going to happen anytime soon!

I hope you enjoyed the post even without the pictures and I’m looking forward to any comments, suggestions or stories that you might have about what I wrote.  If you have ever felt the same way I have, please let me know that I am not the only one in the world!

God bless!

Me and Matilda

Back to the blog…..

Hello friends! I have been so caught up in everything family related since the last post.  Our sweet boy, Obie, broke his little leg and we have been back and forth to the vet’s office and have been trying to keep him comfortable and happy.  It has been a heck of a roller coaster.  So sad to see our little guy struggling this early in life:(

In other news, I listened to an online womens’ conference called the Wives of Wisdom.  It was the most uplifting awesome conference ever.  All of the women that spoke in the conference were wonderful! But I’m sure every woman watching had a particular favorite.  Mine was Rosann Cunningham.  She has a very wonderful, positive faith-filled blog and I absolutely love receiving an email in my inbox from her.  She is very very inspiring to me and when I emailed her with questions, she took time to email me back a very detailed message that inspired me even more than her session that I watched in the conference.  I would encourage anyone who wants to subscribe to a very positive blog to be sure to check out her blog.  There are some blogs that I read that just make me feel good and hers is definitely one of those!

In the world of DIY, I have found been working on a little desk (secretary) bargain that I found on Facebook for $25.00.  I will definitely be uploading those before and after pictures very soon and any other treasures that I find along the way.

Summer is here and I’d like for everyone to just take a moment and really just take the time to enjoy life and “feel” the many blessings that God has given us. If you are fortunate to be home with your children, then be thankful that you get to share this summer with them and make a lot of special memories. If you are married or involved in a relationship, then take a minute just to give your partner a hug and tell them that you love them.  Take a walk, look at the sunrise or sunset, feel sand between your toes, hear the birds chirping.  Just be grateful for everything that God has given you and rejoice in that.  In our home, finances are always an issue but for the past few weeks when I start to worry I think about the people that have no place safe and secure to call home. They don’t have electricity for microwaves and curling irons, they may not have children to kiss each night and tuck into beds. They might not be healthy.  Who am I to feel like I have problems because I can’t buy a piece of furniture off of Craigslist that I don’t even need or we need to budget a little better at the grocery.  There is always always always someone who is going through something worse than you are.  God will not give us more than we can handle.  Have faith.  Be positive.  Smile.  Laugh.  Feel the love that surrounds you.

My summer goals are to get up earlier, get to my paid job and get home earlier in the evenings so that I can spend more time with my children.  We are not going away on any big trips this year but are going to take a few days to go to Frankenmuth, Michigan at some point.  I have heard really good reviews and we are excited to be going up there for a visit.  We have 2 birthday boys in August so we will be having a birthday party for them.  We will be going to parks and festivals.   I will be dragging them all to yard sales with me (YAH!!!) I’m going to be 42 this year and I have changed so much over the past year.  I want our family to be happy and healthy and I just want to live each day and be thankful for everything.  I want to smell the flowers and hike in parks and play putt putt and lose to cheaters who tap the ball 8 times and say it was 3;) This year I just want to take time to feel, no I mean really “feel” what I have in my life and be thankful.




Bringing home “Obie”

Introducing "Obie"
Introducing “Obie”


Thursday we brought home this little guy from our local humane society.  We have been thinking about adopting a new pup for awhile now and when we saw his picture posted up on the humane society facebook page, it was love at first sight.  Our challenge was trying to get out to there to fill out an application before they closed because both my husband and I work the same (well more but we get off at the same) time as they close and are at work long before they open.  And I couldn’t go on my lunch hour because I only have a lunch half hour during the work day and there was no way to make it out there and back in 30 minutes…..safely that is.  So I ended up leaving work early and going out there.  We got there 5 minutes before they closed and the employees literally rolled their eyes because you know they wanted to go home for the day.  I totally get that.  So they gave us an application and said to come back the next day at noon.  When I was supposed to be at work.  So I took a vacation day and actually pulled the kids out of school early to be there at noon the next day. It was so hot and we waited outside the door for them to open so we were sure that no one else would get to him first:)  Finally the lock clicked on the door and swung open and we headed in to see our new love, Obie.  That is the name they humane society picked out and we decided to keep it.  I didn’t want to throw a name change into the mix with the new home, losing his sister and my kids overwhelming him with lovies:)  We filled out the paperwork and paid for the adoption and license and while waiting for the paperwork process to be complete, the manager came suddenly into the door carrying a small dark bundle which was another puppy.  Some pregnant lady had just returned him because “he cried all night and I am pregnant and I just can’t take that crying”.  How ridiculous is that seriously?  The employee was mad to say the least and I cannot blame her.  How can you take adopting an animal so lightly and then just return him like a pair of too tight shorts?  She asked us to please be patient with him because he was only 8 weeks old and his sister had gotten adopted the day before and he would most likely experience some separation anxiety.  My daughter (7 years old) asked me if we were going to return him if he cried.  I asked her if I got rid of them when they cried?  We laughed and she held onto our new boy, anxious to get him home.  We left and headed to Petsmart and he literally picked out his bed (which was a waste of money because he sleeps with my daughter) and we headed home.  Matilda is starting to come around to him and they even were sleeping together this morning when I left for work.  She was jealous and I’m not going to say she is over it but I know that they will get used to each other and learn to love each other and then be awesome life long companions.  Anyways, I just wanted to tell you our story and introduce you to Obie, the newest part of our family and I hope that you will read this and feel the love that I have for my dogs and reach down and pat yours on the head and rub them a little behind the ears and be thankful just as they are thankful to be a part of your family as well.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Please think about adopting a pet from your local humane society.  Save a life and meet your new best friend.

I’m working on some new furniture projects that I will be posting soon.  I have to.  My husband said I have to get to work on some of those beauties hogging the garage so I will be posting soon this week!

Come see me real soon!