4 days in on my new journey and a little bit more:)

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Hello everyone! I just wanted to check in and let you know how my journey is going by day 4 on the Plexus Slim and Boost capsule. First, I want to let everyone know a little about me as a person and my life story. I hope you will follow along with me on my journey and maybe some of you can relate to the feelings and issues that I have carried through the years and if I just help even just one person, it will be worth sharing my story.
I was an only child. My mother and father got divorced when my mom was actually pregnant with me. She never remarried. (Remember I’m 42 now) and my father was an very scary alcoholic. He did marry a woman who I loved so much and she took care of me and was such an awesome force in my life. I’m thankful to God for putting her in my life because I am scared to think how I might have turned out otherwise. My dad actually left all of us when I was in the 5th grade and it was honestly a relief to me. That lifted so much stress from my life. It was a constant worry when he was around. I was terrified that he was going to show up at my school drunk or beat my stepmother in front of me. He was a very angry man. I was so glad that he left and never came back.
My mom has always been a financial support in my life. She spoiled me when I was young and indeed I did have the stereotypical only child life until I was about 14. My mother was very concerned about my looks. She wanted me to look a particular way. I felt like she wanted a pretty popular duaghter and I just never felt that I lived up to her standards. She was very demonstrative in her feelings about weight issues and the “lazy” fat people syndrome. I was VERY insecure about myself from preteen years until honest to God, about 1 year ago. I have tried every yo-yo diet fad that ever crossed my path and even at 18, got a job at one of these diet fad workshops where they wanted their representatives to look the part of a healthy thin person. I am 5′ 3. I know that on charts my weight should be a lot lower than the goal I have for myself. The company that I worked for wanted me to be around 118-125 range. I literally made myself throw up before each weigh in. It was an enormous amount of stress and I left that job after a very short time. So I went on with my life, had my first child at the age of 20 and was able to bounce back pretty quickly to a mom approved weight and then it was just a constant roller coaster for the next 20 years with weight insecurities. Now MY personal weight goal that I have set for myself is 160-165lbs. That is where I feel very comfortable and my husband (who loves some curves, yes ladies I have been blessed with a man who loves my love handles:) For me to meet that goal, I need to lose between 30-35lbs and then I will maintain myself at that until I feel the need to make more changes. Now that I am a grown woman with 5 children and 2 granddaughters, my main concern is my health. Of course I care what I look like, I think everyone wants to feel attractive to themselves and others but my priority is my health. God willing, I am going to be in this world to see all of my children’s children and hopefully longer so I want that all around health lifestyle, not the “butt look good in leggings” mode I was in for all of those years. So last year, I really began to search for any self help, healthy inside and out info that I could find and then I found my friend selling the Plexus. I’ve already discussed her in my first blog post about my journey but I am thankful for her introducing me to Plexus. I am gung ho, going full force moving forward with Plexus and as I can afford them, I am trying each of them out so that I know personally what they will or can do for me. Right now I am on the Plexus Slim and Boost combination and I love it. Day 1 was just kind of adrenaline and I felt great but I think that was probably the anticipation of what might come. Day 2 I actually could not get to sleep that night like I normally do. Honestly, I can be sitting straight up on the couch watching TV because I will fall asleep. As soon as I lay my head on the pillow in my bed, I am asleep. I never toss and turn and get up 1,000 times a night. I just don’t. I sleep through the night and wake up…….EXHAUSTED!!!! What the heck??? That confused me so much because I hear other people talking about sleeping 4-6 hours and they have so much energy and positive force and I’m slugging into work at 8:30am like I haven’t slept for days. Well my friends, Plexus reviews said that I was going to get a better night sleep and I was scared because I already was sleeping so hard. But it has been an incredible transformation. I have so much more natural energy. Not the jittery, scary, gross jittery energy but it just flows. Lastnight I sat down and watched an entire movie with my husband on the couch and stayed awake!!!! Hallelujuah!!! But starting day 2, my sleep has been great. I stayed up later, painting some wine bottles (newest hobby:) and then laid down prepared to be knocked out but I actually was able to lay there and just unwind and let the sleep creep upon me gently. Day 3 was Saturday which is my day off. I woke up at 6:00am with no alarm. The house was quiet and everyone was sleeping so what did I do? I got dressed, got in the car and came into work for 3 extra hours of overtime! That normallywould not happen. And without an alarm clock!! So then lastnight was the eve of day 4. My daughter went to a spa overnight party but around 8:30pm the phone rang and she was homesick and wanted to come home. I went to pick her up and we had a little pizza family night and then after the kids went to bed, my husband and I watched a movie together….both of us….not him and me beside him pretending to be awake when he said my name, like I wasn’t really sleeping:) lol I finally went to bed about 11:30pm and usually on Sundays, I like to get to work as early as possible but that is around 6:00am is my target time in on the 7th day that I wish I was at home and church with the family. I FORGOT to set my alarm to go off. I woke up at 5:30am!!! Again with no alarm. That is so crazy, I’m telling you this has changed my sleeping habits in 4 DAYS!!!! What can it do for me in 40 days??? That only has proved to be so awesome to me. I feel so good inside and so well rested. Some other benefits that I personally have noticed is that I do not drink soda pop at feen speed. Mountain Dew was my pop of choice and let me tell you, their sales have had to drop in the past 4 days. I have honestly drank about 6oz of diet mountain dew in 4 days!!!! That is so insane!! I don’t even think about it or miss it. I just had it with the pizza lastnight as a choice!!! I feel more alert and I feel like I get full faster as well. We had a Papa John’s pizza and if any of you know their pizza, just imagine it. We do get it cut into squares for the kids but I ate 2 squares of pizza and was done!!!
Overall I am just so pleased with the products and actually Friday, I placed another order. I did just order 2 of the 7 day challenges again but this time, I am trying the Accelerator instead of the Boost. I have just heard amazing things about the accelerator so I want to try it before I commit to buying a month supply of it. I love the Boost though so I’m a little worried about whether I will like the Accelerator as much but what do I lose if I don’t like it in 7 days? I haven’t committed to a month supply so then I can order whichever I like the best, Accelerator or Boost. In 2 weeks I plan to buy the Tri-plex which I have heard to be AMAZING! Bad gut health runs in our family something fierce. From IBS to constipation and then some has been passed down from my mom to me to 3 of my children. Honestly I remember going on a field trip with my son 2 years ago and the whole bus ride to the city we were going to I was praying that I would not have to use the restroom. Another example was this past Friday. We were Christmas shopping and my mom had an accident and we had to go home. Bad gut health is no joke and anyone who ever has lived with this, will feel my pain. I’ve heard testimony after testimony of people who say this has solved all of their stomach issues and it is just overall good for you. I know that for me to have optimal weight loss success, I have to get that corrected or I will never be able to be reach my goals.
I’m also sharing a few photos with some info on Plexus and also a picture of a few of my DIY projects I’ve been working on recently:) If you have any questions for me, please let me know and if you are wanting a healthier you, please visit my website at


The company offers a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!! You have nothing to lose but weight and sleepless nights:) Also the company is offering free shipping with the promo code THANK YOU so now is the time, my friends:)

60 day moneyback

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