Bringing home “Obie”

Introducing "Obie"
Introducing “Obie”


Thursday we brought home this little guy from our local humane society.  We have been thinking about adopting a new pup for awhile now and when we saw his picture posted up on the humane society facebook page, it was love at first sight.  Our challenge was trying to get out to there to fill out an application before they closed because both my husband and I work the same (well more but we get off at the same) time as they close and are at work long before they open.  And I couldn’t go on my lunch hour because I only have a lunch half hour during the work day and there was no way to make it out there and back in 30 minutes…..safely that is.  So I ended up leaving work early and going out there.  We got there 5 minutes before they closed and the employees literally rolled their eyes because you know they wanted to go home for the day.  I totally get that.  So they gave us an application and said to come back the next day at noon.  When I was supposed to be at work.  So I took a vacation day and actually pulled the kids out of school early to be there at noon the next day. It was so hot and we waited outside the door for them to open so we were sure that no one else would get to him first:)  Finally the lock clicked on the door and swung open and we headed in to see our new love, Obie.  That is the name they humane society picked out and we decided to keep it.  I didn’t want to throw a name change into the mix with the new home, losing his sister and my kids overwhelming him with lovies:)  We filled out the paperwork and paid for the adoption and license and while waiting for the paperwork process to be complete, the manager came suddenly into the door carrying a small dark bundle which was another puppy.  Some pregnant lady had just returned him because “he cried all night and I am pregnant and I just can’t take that crying”.  How ridiculous is that seriously?  The employee was mad to say the least and I cannot blame her.  How can you take adopting an animal so lightly and then just return him like a pair of too tight shorts?  She asked us to please be patient with him because he was only 8 weeks old and his sister had gotten adopted the day before and he would most likely experience some separation anxiety.  My daughter (7 years old) asked me if we were going to return him if he cried.  I asked her if I got rid of them when they cried?  We laughed and she held onto our new boy, anxious to get him home.  We left and headed to Petsmart and he literally picked out his bed (which was a waste of money because he sleeps with my daughter) and we headed home.  Matilda is starting to come around to him and they even were sleeping together this morning when I left for work.  She was jealous and I’m not going to say she is over it but I know that they will get used to each other and learn to love each other and then be awesome life long companions.  Anyways, I just wanted to tell you our story and introduce you to Obie, the newest part of our family and I hope that you will read this and feel the love that I have for my dogs and reach down and pat yours on the head and rub them a little behind the ears and be thankful just as they are thankful to be a part of your family as well.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Please think about adopting a pet from your local humane society.  Save a life and meet your new best friend.

I’m working on some new furniture projects that I will be posting soon.  I have to.  My husband said I have to get to work on some of those beauties hogging the garage so I will be posting soon this week!

Come see me real soon!








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