Weekend compulsive thrifter

Happy Monday now Tuesday friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The weather here is finally actually beautiful! First of all let me start by saying I had really been concerned about what kind of weekend because we were on the tight budget. Like if there was a show called “Extreme budgeters” we would have been the stars of the show;) It really boils down to the fact that I have just recently started getting paid every 2 weeks. This has traumatized the inner shopper in me:( I’m struggling. It’ll get better. At least that’s what I chant to myself on a daily basis. So Friday morning I set out with my boys (ages 3 and 10 years) and we headed to Children’s hospital for some testing on my 10 year old. He has been on medication for a few years because of an endocrine disorder and I have to give him a shot in his rear 6 days a week. I’ll talk more about the disorder one day but I’ll keep it light because it’s Monday and if you’re like me, you need serious positive thoughts to make it until 5:00om and the race to the time clock:) So we went up there for a few hours and on our way back home, we pulled off the highway and did the Sunday scenic drive (on a Friday) and discovered this incredibly awesome mound. My 10 year old and I flipped out and were super excited to see a piece of native American history so close to home. It was literally in a sort of circle and houses were on each side of it. It was too cool. But I can’t imagine what those people’s property taxes must be. How neat it would be to open your curtains ea h morning to such a view. It was really something to see. So we had my mom with me who was yawning and ready to get back home to watch Dr. Phil or whatever shows she is so devoted to on a weekday afternoon. We headed home to tell my husband and the boys couldn’t wait to tell their sister ( translation: rub in her face) what she had missed.

Saturday morning I woke up when the alarm went off and usually I go in to get some extra hours and I said do I really want to go in to work or do I want to go back to bed and wake up with my family? Obvious choice. I went back to bed and slept until 8:15 am. Yes folks believe it or not that is sleeping in:) We had breakfast together and then got ready to go downtown for a charity event I THOUGHT started at noon. FAIL! It was 5-9pm. Soooo obviously we had some time to kill so I had a bright idea to go back to see the mound. We drove back to the little town and they had a tiny historical society right by the entrance to the mound. We went inside and there was the cutest little elderly couple ever and they were so pleased to see visitors. I started thinking that probably not a lot of younger people come into the place anymore since internet has blown up so big. They told us so much really cool info we might not have gotten from the internet. They had a lot of personal stories to tell so we visited them for awhile and then headed out to their town park (which is AWESOME). The kids played and we really soaked in the sunshine, laughter and blessings watching our kids play. We played for awhile and then headed toward home.

So I’ve been working on this cradle and honestly. It’s the most challenging project I have had. All of those darn spindles have given me a few more gray hairs, I’m sure. So in the middle of working on that and checking (stalking) Facebook rummage and Craig’s list, I find a desk that I must have. The woman tells me if I come today she will take $25! Ok folks, my blood was pumping, sweat forming on my top lip and that adrenaline is flowing strong through my body like it always does when I pick up something from Craig’s list or Facebook. Partly because I’ve been burnt so many times by sellers not responding back with an address, no shows, etc. Don’t even get me started on THAT! Why post something for sell if you don’t want to actually sell the item why in the heck post it? That’s just cruel to furniture ferns like me;) I took my oldest son, we jumped in the car and sped off all the while I’m praying this will fit in my midsize sedan. It fits and off to home we go. So there I spent $25 + $9 at our favorite ice cream joint where they pump out $1.99 vanna splits EVERYDAY! That puts us (me) spending $34.00 so far for the weekend. Pretty good because this is like 4:00pm Saturday evening. I get home and text the lady to say thanks (and I’ll see us next week when I get paid to get the coffee table with the moving top) and I see a night stand for $3.00!!!! What the heck? I couldn’t turn it down for $3.00. If I buy this nightstand for $3, that is one less rhi g going to the landfill. So my husband actually came with me to get the stand and when we pulled up, there was stuff out at the curb that was going to trash. So I got my stand AND a MERSMAN guitar pick coffee table for $3.00!!!! SCORE!!!! So now I’ve spent $37.00 and we headed downtown to the charity event. It was so fun to watch and we honestly wouldn’t have spent any money there if it wasn’t for the sweet little balloon animal lady discovered the land of opportunity;) so that ended up being another $6.00 for us and that was all we spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And I got the balloon lady’s number for a certain boy who is turning 4 very soon and having a birthday party. See my baby boy’s balloon attire below:)


Sister and her air walking giraffe photo bombed of course:)

So in conclusion we had an incredibly wonderful weekend and spent under $50 all weekend and $28 if that was furniture finds that will hopefully be for sale soon (so I don’t have to hear hubby calling me a hoarder)!

Thanks for listening to my story and I hope you come back to see me real soon!
Off to bed!



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