Rummage sale FAIL

Hello friends! Today I had thevonsie worst furniture buying experience from a Facebook rummage online sales. I was pretty excited to see a post from a girl who had to be out of her house tomorrow and would make rock bottom deals to get rid of stuff! She had a hutch that she was storing cereal and pantry items on it. She said $25 and she would deliver. Does it get better than that? They pulled up and jumped out. They started pulling the hutch out and putting it in front of my lgarage door. They took the money, waved good bye and rolled out. I started checking it over and first noticed the big chew marks on the drawers. Like the dog teethed on it. But then the smell kicked me in my face. Whoa it was horrible. It was a mixture of pee, years of grease and mold stench that made me gag. I knew that was $25 down the crapper. No way it was going in my house and not even my garage. My 7 year old made a sign that said bad Facebook purchase-I caanot use-please take FREE and then I prayed that it would go away quickly. It did. It was gone in less than 30 minutes! Someone had a stronger stomach than me for sure! Has this happened to anyone else? What would you have done differently?

Had to share! Goodnight my friends!



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