$20 Thrift store cradle

Hello friends! I’m here today to show you the cradle I found at one of my favorite thrift stores in my town. I paid $20 for it. It was really plain and boring to me. Of course I forgot to take a before picture but this is the after picture. I’m thinking it needs something else. What do you guys think? Please let me know, I value the opinions of my fellow bloggers! wpid-wp-1430931115065.jpeg It started out just plain and brown. This cradle was the most stressful makeover I’ve done. I think it was the spindles. Honestly I will probably never ever buy anything with spindles again in my life. But finally it is done! Yah! I used my homemade chalk recipe but I learned a lesson with this. For the first time I used a Colorplace paint for this recipe instead of Valspar and whoa could I tell a difference. I’m sorry Valspar. I’ll never stray again. It was really difficult to work with and I’ll never try it again…..ever:) Lesson learned. But that is what makes DIT what it is. Learning but trial and error:)

I’m signing off early today to get started on some more garage projects. I have to because I bought 2 more pieces that are being delivered at 6pm and I have to show progress to avoid the Hubs giving me his stink eye that he loves to give when I bring home a new piece!

Take care everyone and be happy!



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