Goodwill TV cart

The other day I was shopping in our Goodwill and I saw this dark little TV cart. It was not the cutest but the price was too good to pass up. $6.99 later I was headed to Ace for some Plaster of Paris and then home to make this DIY chalk paint I read about on Salvaged Inspirations and couldn’t wait to try it out. I used 3 parts paint, 1 Plaster of Paris and water to mix just as she had recommended. This was my first time so I might’ve used a little more or less of each to get the texture that I desired and then I began to work on this little girl. I wasn’t even sure what I had in mind for the end product at that moment. I actually took this picture after I had already started. Note to self: definitely need to get a good camera and then remember to take a completely “before” picture:)



I painted it with 2 coats of the chalk mix recipe from the awesome blog Salvaged Inspirations and I used a Valspar paint that was actually a mistint and I paid like $6 for a gallon. I was definitely pretty stoked when I saw the price tag on that paint:) Deal of the day for me!
After the 2 coats dried, I took a piece of card board that looked like a toilet paper holder but was really a piece of packaging material from a recent online purchase. It was a lot heavier cardboard than a toilet paper holder but if you have a small project to do, the holder would probably work just fine. I took mine and dipped one end into some white paint and used it basically like a stamp over and over until I had finished the look I wanted.
I had bought some really awesome handles from me and my daughter’s dream store….Hobby Lobby! Unfortunately they were not the look I was going for so we ran out the next day on a Sunday to discover they were closed. A sign on the door actually said something about being closed on Sunday so their employees could spend time with their families. How wonderful is that in this day and age? Hats off to Hobby Lobby. I work EVERY Sunday at my job…..just sayin! Anyways I still need to pick up some new beauties and I will post the final 100% complete “AFTER” picture but I just couldn’t wait to post what I have done so far. I love it. I’m seeing something with some bling? Maybe the glass knob or crystals? What do you think?


Thanks for taking time to read and please come back and visit again!



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