To write or not to write….that was my question.

Over the weekend, I blog stalked my favorite bloggers and on occassion whenever I see a piece of furniture that I love on a new blog, I will definitely click on it and usually end up with a new favorite blogger.  There are so many wonderful bloggers out there and I appreciate every one of them.  But doing my usual blog jumping led me to a page where a very successful blogger that started long ago wrote a post about her journey and it was really wonderful to read.  But then I read on and part of the post said that “not everyone who wants to blog is going to make it” in the blogging world.  I know that is a personal opinion but truthfully, it was kind of like a slap.  It really kind of hurt and then I started to doubt myself. In my head I was saying, “wow, she is right, I’m never going to make it in the blogging world. I may not be successful.  I may not get to quit my career of 17 years and fulfill my dream of being a stay at home mom.  I may never get paid or prosper at all from my blogging.  I was kind of crushed.  And I did let it get to me.  But then my husband/best friend said “why would you let someone you don’t even know, crush your dreams? Why let anyone at all crush your dreams?  You can do this. You got this.” Then I started thinking about my kids.  What kind of example do I set if I quit?  Mom’s a quitter but I want you never to quit?  That is why I decided to get back up on my horse and write.  Write anytime I want to write and write because I love it. Not because I expect any big success from my blog.  But write because I love to write and I want to share my words with the world, or anyone who will listen.  When I’m no longer in this world, I want my children to be able to say that their mom did what she wanted to do and she worked and fought for her dream and even if it never got huge, she did it and stuck with it.  My words will be written on this wonderful blogsphere and they will be able to see my words, typed with my own fingers and they will smile and know that I wrote because I loved to write.  I hope everyone is having a wonderfully awesome Monday!  Be blessed!


2 thoughts on “To write or not to write….that was my question.

  1. Well, I am here to tell you…your husband is right. Never give up on your dream. I have been at this for over 5 years. Will you work hard? You bet you will! Will you get discouraged? You bet you will…but can you make a dream bet you can. I suggest watching all the you tube videos you can on how to become a successful blogger. Sometimes you have to invest a little money to get started but it is just like any other business venture you have to invest a little to make a little. Also, you left a comment on the paint project, there is a giveaway with that so please do enter. Thanks.


    1. Yes! First comment from the first blog author I ever read! Thank you so much for the advice and please know, you taking the time to do so means so much! Since I started At home with me and Matilda, I’ve already began to realize there are many things I might not have done the best way but I am learning and I am going to work hard and who knows? Maybe someday! I will definitely be following your words that I respect very much! Thanks again! God bless!


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