From trash to treasure



Good morning, ya all! I know there’s probably going to be a few of you who think I’m crazy but I am not to proud to pick something straight out of the trash and take it home to repurpose later. Yes I am that cheap but I’m also saving this stuff from ending up in a landfill somewhere. We are always trying to vote down landfills and this is my way of contributing to the cause! My husband is mortified when I do this but hey I am who I am and I’m saving money! It’s not like I’m ripping open trash bags and bringing home some half eaten corn dogs, I’ll never touch a trash bag but if it’s a piece of wood furniture or anything that can’t have bugs lurking inside of it, then it’s game on. But sadly I only have a car so it has to fit in a car:) I want a truck but I know hubby is not feeling that because it would definitely be game on;) This is my stash I found this week (actually this morning) and when I repurpose them I’ll post the new improved treasures! The wooden chair is awesome. It actually folds.  I’ve never seen these before so I was pretty hyped! If anyone has any ideas, feel free to share!
Have a blessed day!


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