Meet Matilda


I want to introduce you to Matilda. The past few posts I talked about myself but not Matilda. I wanted you all to meet my sweet girl and tell you her story…at least the part I know. We have a dear cat named Buddy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Buddy with all my heart but he is pretty much like a teenager. He eats, goes outside for awhile, comes home and eats again and sleeps. He is not real loveable….unless I have some honeybaked ham;) I wanted a dog. We looked and looked and found all types of dogs at all price ranges but folks, I just can’t see paying the same we pay for a house payment for a dog with a little paper certificate I can frame. I know people do it everyday but I’m just speaking for myself (and all of the helpless puppies and dogs in shelters everywhere) but I felt in my heart we needed to find our new dog someplace like that. So one night while I was stalking the furniture on Craig’s list in our vicinity, I saw a posting that said LAST CHANCE. It caught my eye and it said they were selling a 5 month old puppy for $30.00 Yes not $300 but $30. There was no picture but I just felt this was our dog. I set up a time to meet. The owner wanted to meet in Kroger’s parking lot. It was pretty intimidating but our family drove to Kroger’s in anticipation. We pulled in and looked around for someone looking like they were there for something besides groceries. We saw a man looking at us like he was trying to get our attention.  We pulled up and there were 2 kids in the van. They stayed in the van but a man got out and literally pulled a dirty, trembling, terrified dog out of the van. She looked old not the 5 months they said in the ad. I knew this dog had been abused. But I also knew that I was not allowing this dog to get back on that van. The kids didn’t even show emotion at all that their dog was leaving them. It was a weird situation. So we took her home and she literally huddled beside our fireplace in our foyer and growled at everyone. I got down and talked to her and she eventually began to trust me and the kids and my Ias well. We took her to the vet to be checked out and learned she was 8 months. Not the 4 years I was guessing at first site. She looks and acts like a different dog. She is truly a very important part of our family and we just absolutely love and adore her. She has so much personality and loves to play but she really believes she is a lap dog instead of the 65 lb lap crushed she is. And the way to her heart now is through her stomach. Not food though. She loves to have her belly rubbed! I am so thankful we found her and changed the outcome of her life. She is the best $30 bucks I’ve ever spent!

I just want to say that you can find your perfect pet at your local shelters or even Craig’s list. Adopt a pet and literally save a life!


They both fell asleep while watching TV!


2 thoughts on “Meet Matilda

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! We are adopting a new boy today if God’s willing And he is still there:) I’ll be posting pictures! God bless! Come back and see me again please!


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