Almost to the finish line

I’m at the paying job on my break and wanted to ask have any of you  out there trying to get your own blog up and going ever felt obsessed with it? I’m in love with writing and expressing myself and all of this has came upon me so quickly (not really quickly) but for the past year or so and it just completely consumes me. I used to love to write stories and poems when I was a child but then it kind of went into a hibernation for many years and know it’s beating on my brain and I just want to write and express myself through my words, my children’s eyes, through my life experiences.  My bucket list is full to the brim with ideas and dreams. I want to blog and do freelance writing and write a children’s book. I have found the words that were hidden for so long. I pray that some or many of you have felt the same. It’s a rush to just want to let the words pour from my heart and into the ears of anyone who will listen.
God bless!


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