Weekend highlights

It’s Sunday night and time to start thinking about going back to the paid job tomorrow.  I actually had to go into the paid job this morning bright and early before the sun came up and sit behind a computer entering data blankly and waiting for the diet coke to kick in.  On Sundays at work, it always takes so much longer than normal to get my mind awake and ready to go. I think it is the thought of my sweet children at home snuggled under their blankets and the thought of my husband selfishly (I’m totally being a hater) sleeping in as long as the kids will sleep.  I’m not even going to lie, sometimes I want to slam the door a little louder in hopes of waking our 3 year old, JJ.  Isn’t that horrible? I definitely know it is but hey I’m being honest, right? Honey, I’m sorry and I totally love you with all my heart if you read this but you know secretly you would feel exactly the same way. Once I get to work though, I’m okay and my separation anxiety starts to ease up but it is just so quiet there I can hear the tick tick on the clock above my desk and it makes the day drag ridiculously long.  But I am in before the sun rises and out right after lunch.  Unfortunately no Sunday church for me. Whatever happened to the good old days of Sundays being a day of rest? I don’t know why the business world and corporations had to ruin that benefit but then again, I don’t ever see them in there on a Sunday with the rest of us grunts:) so what do they care?

Tomorrow is the first day of my real official work week and every single Monday morning when I go to my desk I have to deal with my co-worker and his predictable case of the Mondays.  I just want to say what the heck man you get to sleep in with your family and get up and go praise God every Sunday. Shoot he should be bringing me in some doughnuts or at least give me a pleasant good morning.  But noooooo, he pouts and totally makes me internally bitter because I can’t stand when people set out to make others have a bad day. What do you get out of that? I mean does that make you feel good if you can turn someone else’s day into a crapper?  Idk but every Monday I pray and ask God to help shield me from Mr. Grumps. That’s his name on my blog, Mr. Grumps. And that is being very nice and G-rated:)

So in just a short while, I will sit back on the couch, snuggle up with my sweeties and then go to bed and wake up to their smiling faces (well not smiling at first but they get there after a few minutes of rubbing out the sandman) and their hugs and I love you’s are what carry me through my fabulous Mondays.  I’ve posted their faces all around my desk at the paid job so that they can be my wooo-saaaaa and I’ll just sit there and block out Mr. Grumps and marinate in my babies’ smiles and Joyce Meyers in my earbud and type away until 5:00pm finally rolls around.  Then that boost of adrenaline kicks in and I’m ready to jump in the car and ride home to see my family, change my clothes, put on my sweat pants and sit…..for about 5 minutes before they start fighting and hiding her American Girl doll and she turned off my game system or Mom mom mom mom mom….I love you, Mom (Stewie from Family Guy – best episode ever)….but it is still way better than the 8 hours without them!

God bless everyone!

Have an awesome start to your week and don’t let any Mr. Grumps ruin your day!

Sweet dreams!


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