Tribute to the bloggers that have inspired me

Today I have been reading through many of my favorite blogs and discovering even more that are awesome! I LOVE the world of  blogging. The women that I love to read about are so strong and inspirational. This is what moves me and motivates me to believe that one day I will be incredibly talented and creative just as they are. I always have had confidence in what I do in my home but these ladies just ROCK! They are just killin it and I have mad respect for them. It is so motivating to read their stories and it’s crazy how drawn into the blogging world I have become! Ladies, I want to give you a shout out and to tell you thanks so much for helping me work toward my dream of achieving my own blog. I still am devouring any advice I can find and study any ebooks, Dummie books and any posts you have regarding starting a blog! So in conclusion of my first post and shout out to the bloggers that I’m about to mention and the many that I have yet to discover, thank you all for the inspiration that you give to me and I’m sure many others! God bless! And thank you so much for being great bloggers!  Confessions of a serial do it your selfer, I should be mopping the floors, Restoration Redoux, 2 bees in a pod, Thrift Diving, Debbie Doo’s, Refresh Restyle, Be repurposed, Living for less, Girl in the garage, and Sarah Titus are just several of the blogs that have been great inspiration! THANK YOU and I pray one day with the hard work and dedication that I have, I may be able to influence even just one person the way you all have helped me!


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